Egg Nog is back at Ellis Island

‘Tis the season to drink Egg Nog. The highly anticipated Ellis Island Egg Nog is coming soon and will be ready for all on November 9th. Not many know the real story of the famous Nog and how it came to be.  It goes something like this … Gary Ellis’ grandfather had dreams of living in America, dreams of new opportunities. While on the boat traveling to America, Gary’s grandfather befriended a man and they shared many stories but one conversation in particular really interested him. It was a special European Egg Nog recipe; it stuck in his mind and he committed the recipe to memory.

 After his passing, the Egg Nog disappeared from the family gatherings but not from Gary’s memories. Determined to bring it back, Gary spent hours looking through old papers his grandfather had and then, jackpot! Although he was just twenty-two years when his grandfather passed away, he had time to enjoy the great Egg Nog. After many years of making it for family and friends Gary wanted to share the Egg Nog with everyone. Now we all can taste this wonderful drink together.

 Come celebrate the holidays with the Ellis family and enjoy this beloved family Egg Nog with a KICK!  You can purchase it by the bottle or the glass at Ellis Island casino or any of the Village Pubs located in Las Vegas and Henderson and now McCarran International Airport Terminal 3. Makes a great gift for the guy or gal who has it all!


2 thoughts on “Egg Nog is back at Ellis Island

  1. Unfortunately we can not ship our egg nog. It has to be done by a distributor and we do not make enough to ship out. Thank you for the nice comments about our egg nog, wish we could.

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